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Two Dried Leaves


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“Elizabeth’s treatments helped me through a very difficult and stressful time in my life. During our sessions together, she helped me turn whatever obstacle I was struggling with into a new opportunity of growth, learning, and understanding about myself. I was not familiar with Reiki, or any holistic practice before we began our first session, but I felt immediately at ease with Elizabeth. She is open-minded, and a great listener; I never felt judged or invalidated when sharing what I was stressed out about.

In every session, I was amazed at Elizabeth’s intuitiveness. Elizabeth adjusted each treatment to my unique needs, and I never felt like we were just trying to slap a band-aid on stress. I always left with a new tool to help me work through my obstacles, whether it was new insight into myself, a new coping technique, or a new perspective. These are things that I can carry with me and utilize through all of life’s ups and downs.

I am finally no longer tip-toeing through life in this fog of stress and fear. I am now able to face each day, whatever comes, with the knowledge that I can handle anything. This is something I could only dream of before the sessions with Elizabeth.”

- Kelsey, 25, Midlothian VA

“I met Liz(Elizabeth) two years ago. I learned she was a practicing Reiki Master through talking with her husband, Mike.   Reiki intrigued me and  has been a long-time interest of mine. I just never fully understood what it meant. I now understand not only the concept of Reiki. I now understand and have experienced the subtle healing power Reiki offers. 

What a profound and overwhelming experience. I wish I could explain fully the feeling of healing and gratitude I had and have, for me and my loved ones. But that would take a novel.

Initially the focus was physical healing, but with the first healing session the flood gate opened.   My tears just came and I didn't know why. With subsequent sessions I felt as if all the doors and windows were being opened and a fresh breeze began flowing  through my whole person. That session was only the beginning. Over the weeks to come I shared thoughts and concerns about my Family.. The healing began and has not stopped.  It began with a purity of spirit and energy that flowed through Elizabeth's heart and hands. Thank you Liz for sharing your gift of healing. ”

- Helen, Richmond VA

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